SOUND MASKING A new product offering presented itself when we noticed how workplaces have changed over the years. Through our years of experience wiring buildings we found that open plans and cubicles were replacing private offices. Open plenum facilities without finished acoustical ceilings are absorbing less sound and HVAC systems are quieter. As a result, workplaces are noisier and speech privacy is of more concern. We’ve found a solution to address all of these situations…Lencore Sound Masking. Proven to increase productivity and comfort, sound masking can be found in almost every Fortune 100 company, 75% of which are using U.S. made Lencore brand.

The purpose of sound masking is to achieve both speech privacy and comfort. Sound Masking introduces a spectrum of noise which gently raises the ambient background sound in order to cover, or mask, speech. Speech Privacy is achieved by raising the noise level to a point that makes conversations unintelligible. Comfort is achieved through the quality and range of the sound produced.

From single, desktop units to a few million square feet spread out globally, Lencore has a solution that meets your objectives for speech privacy, comfort and communication. To keep it simple, break down the spaces into two general areas: Non-Networked (Spectra Classic) and Networked (Spectra I.Net).
NON-NETWORKED (SPECTRA CLASSIC) Spectra Classic is the most economical, “set it and forget it” system up to 20,000 square feet. This self-contained system provides superior sound quality - giving you comfort and speech privacy. Individual units are available for personal use or niche applications such as home offices, waiting rooms, and rooms smaller than 500 square feet.
  • Best for single use (1 Unit) – 200 square feet
  • Streamlined Installation
  • Simple controls for tuning
  • Easy system additions for paging/music
NETWORKED (SPECTRA I.NET) Spectra i.Net® is a networked system engineered to meet your facility’s specific needs and provides superior sound quality, extreme design flexibility, one point of control, virtually limitless zoning capabilities, easy expansion, and complete system access with the click of the remote or mouse, on site, off -site or around the world.
  • Best for 20,000 square feet - 2,000,000+ projects requiring multiple facilities / campus wide installations
  • Networked system with plug and play components
  • Real time system access, control, monitoring, and reporting
  • Easy integration for Mass Notification and Emergency Communication options
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