Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are some of the advantages of using the OGS State Contract?

    The OGS bidding and qualification process is very extensive. Our bid response must demonstrate a proven track record of successful projects, a highly skilled and formally trained workforce, and the financial ability to handle any size technology projects that may be bid using the state contract. The State Wiring Contract allows our customers to separate "Technology" work from large capital projects and utilize this contract to bid out this work. This process narrows the range of bidders and will avoid the possibility of unqualified contractors under-bidding the project and ultimately doing substandard work.

    Some examples of TDC customers separating their "Technology" from Division 16 and the normal bid process to complete major building projects include:
    • Hilton Central School District
    • City of Rochester Public Safety Building
    • City of Rochester Ferry Terminal
    • Webster Central School District - Willink Middle School
  2. How do I set-up a site survey?

    Three ways:
  3. Do I need to hire an engineer or consultant to design my project?

    No. Tele Data Com has over 25 years experience designing and implementing complex, campus-wide voice/data/video cabling systems. Some of our services include:
    • Budgetary Estimates
    • Preliminary Design
    • CER Layout & Design
    • Rack Elevations
    • Specifying Products
  4. Do I have to conduct a mini-bid?

    No. The State Contract clearly dictates that a mini bid is not required. For example, if you have developed an on-going relationship with one particular state contractor, it may not make sense to bring in a second or third contractor to become familiar with your facility. Obviously, we are bound to the parameters of our state contract and cannot exceed our pre-determined unit prices.

Additional Information:
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