SUNY Geneseo

In the Spring of 2007 Tele Data Com began working with the SUNY Geneseo IT Department on the feasibility of a redundant campus wide singlemode Fiber backbone.  

Over the next six months we worked with Geneseo and reviewed pathways, assisted with identifying and specifying the correct fiber products, reviewed all CER'S and BDF's that would be affected on campus, we also provided budgetary estimates for each part of the project.  

TDC worked with the Geneseo Building and Grounds department identifying potential pathway issues and access considerations.  We prepared logical diagrams for each fiber leg on the campus site and drawings for the entire network.  

TDC negotiated final installation price and began to implement the project in the Spring of 2007.  The entire project took approximately five months to complete.  Part of the project involved fusion splicing to fiber pigtail connectors at each BDF and each respective CER.  At completion, all test results were provided to Geneseo in addition to CAD drawings showing all fiber routes and counts on a campus drawing, in addtion to separate routes in each building from the entrance of the CER.
Tele Data Com completed this project utilizing our NYS OGS State Contract. Tele Data Com has held a NYS OGS wiring cable contract since 1997.  We have completed similar design/built projects in the size and scope of this installation for various customers including:

-SUNY Fredonia
-City of Rochester
-Webster Central School District
-Hilton Central School District
-Brockport Central School District

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